Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Longtime friends know I'm an enormous fan of the on-hiatus band The Jayhawks. Hell, casual acquaintances know this.

Today marks the release of Jayhawks singer/songwriter/guitarist Gary Louris' first solo album: VAGABONDS. (Check out Gary's MySpace page for a sample.) Louris is an incredible songwriter, and after two listens to the new album, I can say it holds up to everything he's ever done. Pick it up--

Also, on the horizon: Louris and former Jawhawks singer/songwriter Mark Olson (I can't go into the history of that band, but there was a falling-out between these two, long ago) have not only reconciled, but have, apparently, recorded an album together. It's due out in a few months. If you remember the harmonies between these guys on songs like "Blue" (easily my favorite song Of All Time), you'll be as excited as I am to hear their new work.

In the meantime: VAGABONDS. Out now. Don't let Gary Louris remain the guy everyone refers to as "criminally unknown."


Anonymous said...

Chris, update your damn site.

Wes said...

Yea, update your damn site.

Wes said...

Those were both me, by the way

Anonymous said...

Chris, I'm going to be in your workshop at Cedarville. Just thought I'd check you out. I see you've managed to get a couple negative comments from a smart assed friend. I also have a blog which is probably more political. Unfortunately, the only ones who read it are my kids. http://dukerone.blogspot.com/

I look forward to working with you in Cedarville.

Duke Pasquini

Jordan said...

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PS- I love the Jayhawks as well!