Thursday, March 29, 2007

BBC Interview

Earlier this month I took part in a brief interview on the BBC radio show the Today Programme, along with GRANTA editor Ian Jack; we debated the length of my acknowledgements. (For those who don't know--I have four pages of them in my book. Maybe in an upcoming post I'll talk about this in more depth.) Had a great time, even though it meant staying up late here on Pacific time. Thanks to Ian for setting it up--very gracious of him, actually, to give me a small shot at a rebuttal.

The irony of it was, I got contacted after the interview by an old friend, Susan, who I'd lost touch with--turns out she'd moved to England. She found this page, said hello . . . and then I got to tell her she was in the acknowledgements I'd been discussing.


Cash said...

Hi Chris. Thanks for the return post and nice to (virtually) meet you.

Do you know when this was broadcast? You can listen again online I think...

Andrew said...

I'd like to hear that clip, but I couldn't find anything on the BBC's site.

I was surprised you had four pages for thank yous and howdys, but I don't think there's anything "wrong" with it. Alex Parsons used as any pages in his novel, "In the Shadows of the Sun."

But I am surprised that a literary editor gets to appear on the radio in the U.K., and that this topic is somehow worth our (their) time.

Good for you, though. And congrats on the Granta nod, BTW.

Linda said...

Chris, Glad to read about your accomplishments. Waiting for your new novel that's coming along sloooowly. Your aunt in Florida - Linda.

Francesca&Joe said...

Hello Christopher
We can't wait for your next novel.
We like to invite you to Please let us know what your views are, we are open to any suggestions that will make this a better place for book lovers.

Yours truly,

Kirsten said...

Can you let us know the exact date of the program so that we can 'listen again' on line please? For those who couldn't find it, the archive page for the Today program is at

Kirsten said...

Oops, that address was too long. The last bit ( the second 'listen again') continues like this -