Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Greetings (again) and news

Greetings, friends and randomly curious readerfolk!

I'm going to try and make this blog my homepage for a while, since the last one, I think we can all agree, would have been awful even by 1995 standards. (Even this guy's is better.) I tried a blog at this site last year, and failed--but around here we take failure and use it to grow strong, like bull. So: welcome to my blog and homepage, version 2.0. I'll try to keep it lively.


tom said...

Christopher, I came to this site intending to link to it, and see that it has changed dramatically since my previous visit. I found the previous incarnation to be really charming, though I can see why this new more interactive one is better... but I really liked the old one and it made me laugh when I went to see who the hell this guy was who wrote this terrific book. I must say it's amazing to reflect on that previous site - hi I'm a writer and I designed this site in 1995 - and this one - hi, I'm just back from accepting praise and money in New York, hanging with Phillip Roth, and will soon in be in France. Way to go CK! (Hey that's a perfume! Well, my initials are a famous 19th century disease.) At any rate, it was very nice meeting you, too. All the best, tom

Anonymous said...

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